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One of our most widely requested services is swimming pool maintenance and water testing in Chicago. The term maintenance is not synonymous with cleaning. A maintenance specialist will service the pump and filter on a scheduled basis, and perform repairs on these pieces when needed or requested. Furthermore, they will test the P.H. of the water to make sure that it is at safe levels for swimming purposes. The misuse of pool chemicals has been the culprit of several skin irritations, sudden sickness, and even a few fatalities. Making sure that the water is balanced, while still being able to negate any harmful bacteria, will keep your family safe to swim and enjoy the summer months.

A common sign that you need swimming pool maintenance may be the growth of algae. The water might look to have a green tint and the walls and/or floor of the pool might be slippery or slimy. It might even have noticeable film. The solution to this common issue is with a shock treatment. Forget the guesswork and let GrowingInChicago.com recommend a maintenance company to perform any chemical treatments that you may need. Our maintenance professionals will perform water testing regularly and negate this potential problem on their scheduled visits so it will never build up.

Another common problem is with unusual stains deposited on either the walls or floor of the pool. This is usually caused by minerals in the water. These minerals tend to come together in certain spots and will indeed stain your pool. By regularly testing your pool’s pH levels, you can skip this problem. However, if your water is murky or discolored, it’s most like due to higher than normal levels of minerals. Our pool maintenance teams are skilled at diagnosing and treating all forms of this dilemma and are ready to help you.

Foaming is another commonly treated problem that our teams specialize in. It usually comes from improper use of algaecide that the swimming pool owner picked up at the local store. Having a company to handle all chemical related tasks, including water testing, is always the easiest option when it comes to maintaining a beautiful and functional swimming pool in Chicago.

By utilizing our network of swimming pool maintenance professionals, you never have to worry if your water is too acidic or not. You never have to fret about your children getting sick from the misuse of chemicals. You’ll feel secure putting our expertise to work for you.

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