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A lot of people ask the question, “How much does snow removal cost in Chicago?” No one will come out answer it straight away because there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. A snow removal company has to evaluate the travel time to get to your property, the plowing equipment to be used, the man hours it will take, and fuel costs. Pricing can vary drastically from one company to another as well. There are several things ‘wrong’ with this question in the first place, but when getting a quote from ANY company, always take into consideration the value of the service vs just ‘cheap’ pricing.

Some people here in Chicago are fed up with shoveling their sidewalks. They are just looking to hire someone who will come shovel their property when it snows and aren’t looking to pay a premium. There’s good news for that type of person. Simple jobs like that don’t require a great deal of precision and accuracy and you can find just about anyone on your block who is willing, to do that sort of work for around $50 – $100. You might even be able to find a younger person to do it for $20.

If you have more than just a sidewalk and short driveway that you need snow removed from, then getting a snow removal quote is wise. You should get a quote from a few different companies. Before you do that though, you should know the exact measurements of the area that needs de-iced or plowed. This will be extremely helpful to you when getting prices. If you have a picture of your property, that works even better during initial stages of finding the best snow removal services in Chicago.

At, we’ve taken all of the necessary steps to make sure that the companies we refer to people are giving the best value. We’ve sampled many different locations and know what the competition is like in the snow plowing industry. Although prices do vary from company to company, we know that the companies that charge the most, give the most value. There won’t be any hidden fees after they have settled on a price. Granted, sometimes the work that needs to be done is bigger and requires more resources than you or the snow removal company thought. With all things being equal, you’re going to get the best quality and pricing with the use of our resources.

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