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Our cooperative connects you with the top professionals specializing in retaining wall repair in Chicago, Illinois. By searching these companies out ourselves, we have established who’s who in the industry and have made them our partners. These engineers and contractors aren’t just experts in repair, they are the leaders in the industry of retaining wall installation in Chicago as well. You have to know how to build one of these walls from the ground up (literally) before you can know how to repair them. A patch job isn’t going to do the trick, so don’t think about doing this yourself. Call an expert.

Retaining walls serve only a couple different functions in a landscape. They are to make an area more functional by acting as a barrier between large slopes and the area you wish to make level. The only other reason for these walls is for aesthetic purposes. In some cases, people actually make a wall where no slope or mounds of earth are present. Then, they backfill these areas do add more “character” to their landscape. Both of these reasons for retaining wall installation are valid.

Simple retaining walls (gravity walls) can be installed and/or repaired by yourself pretty easily. There are probably even some YouTube videos that tell you exactly how to repair or install a retaining wall on a budget. All you need to do from there is go out and buy some materials and get to work. We’ve even got resources in our network, that we can refer you to, that have the best quality materials in Chicago. However, we strongly recommend only taking on wall installation projects that aren’t more than 4’ in height. With anything taller than that, you’ll definitely need to hire someone.

When it comes to retaining wall repair, Chicago residents find that a website like serves as the primary source for referrals. When repairing a wall, you need to understand the engineering behind how it was built and why it works the way it does. Only attempt to repair retaining walls that you have installed yourself. For any other repair project, you can simply utilize our vast number of resources and take a load off. You can rest comfortably knowing that we’ve done our due diligence in finding the top professionals in the industry and have the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

That wall isn’t going to fix itself. Fill out our quote request form and one of our retaining wall installation and repair experts will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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