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At, our network of the top retaining wall construction companies in Chicago, Illinois can’t be matched. We’ve scoured the entire metropolitan area in search of the leading experts in the industry. When dealing with projects bigger than you can handle, it’s important to find a reliable specialist. When reviewing retaining wall contractors throughout Chicago, we found several differences in quality of service, ability to handle large jobs, willingness to take on smaller jobs, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. We only invited the best to join our network.

If you are one of those people who prefer to ‘do-it-yourself,’ then that’s great! We actually admire your enthusiasm. Consider, though, that you get yourself in to a little bit of trouble down the road and you don’t know what to do next when constructing your retaining wall. Who do you call? Our contractors can help you. They know that there are some people who consider themselves a handyman, have problems along the way, and just need a little guidance as they go. Just think of our network of contractors as a ‘foreman’ in your retaining wall construction project.

We only recommend that you build retaining walls that are less than 4’ in height. Anything taller than that can become a hazard if it isn’t built properly. Furthermore, we recommend that you only attempt to repair walls that you have constructed yourself, that is, unless you’re an engineer. For anything else, you should consult a contractor.

Don’t just speak with any run of the mill retaining wall contractor in Chicago though. Speak with one who has the experience, licensing, and credentials. If you’ve already tried finding companies that can construct a wall for your landscaping needs, then you’ve probably found that either they don’t know what they’re doing, they’re booked solid for several months, or they’re unwilling to take on your project. It’s unfortunate, but common for this to happen in the industry.

Building a retaining wall shouldn’t have to be a headache. As part of a solid landscape design, the teams of engineers and designers take control of the whole process for new installations. For people who just want a simple wall put up, we can connect you with a leading retaining wall construction contractor who will take on your project, no matter how big or small.

Finding a company to build one of these wall structures is no longer the headache that it used to be. Fill in our quote request form today!

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