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There are all sorts of reasons to find a reliable lawn pest control service in Chicago. From little bugs to large moles & voles, creatures can ruin your well landscaped yard in a hurry. No yard is safe from everything. No matter how great the lawn care company is that maintains your yard or did your landscape installation in the first place, nuisances can come along and wreak havoc on the situation at any time.

Some of the worst lawn care bugs in the region are the chinch bug, sod webworms, and grubs. These little insects feed off of your grass and multiply very quickly. It’s common to have a large infestation on your hands if you don’t do something about these little lawn bugs immediately. There are a few different types of pesticide that you can buy at any local garden store that might work. Be sure that you are able to identify which types of bugs, worms, or grubs are present before you do though. Our lawn care team can help you with that.

Another common pest control issue is with the more common household variety. These can include, but obviously are not limited to spiders, ticks, ants, fleas, and mosquitos. While these seem more like the occasional nuisance to some homeowners, they are nightmares to others. Fumigation and pesticides are usually the best route to thwart further damage. Be sure to contact a lawn care specialist before doing any of this type of work yourself.

The largest, and by that I mean the biggest in size – not frequency – is with moles and voles. I’m sure you know what moles look like. They’re big and ugly. They leave tunnels underneath your yard’s surface and several holes that are not only unsightly, but unsafe as well. Voles are similar to moles in the damage that they do, only they are a little bit smaller than a mole. They are often mistaken for mice or hamsters, believe it or not. Trapping, laying pesticides, shooting, or fumigating are not effective in this type of lawn pest control. A lot of times, proper lawn care maintenance is all that is required to prevent these rodents from doing their damage. See our overview of services on our main lawn care company Chicago page. However, in times where you have taken all of the precautionary steps, our yard rodent control team is standing by.

No one likes doing this type of work themselves. To get the top professionals who are the most experienced lawn pest control in Chicago, fill out our quote request today!

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