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Leaf removal in Chicago is a year-round job. Many people find it quite the hassle to even find the time to get out the rake and make a few piles. Just think about it. With all of the cooking, cleaning, working full time, soccer games, who can find the time? Many would rather use the free time that they DO have to spend time with their families and friends, and not to lawn care chores. If this is you, welcome to the club.

Before launching our website, I HATED doing yard work. I wasn’t one of those people who took a lot of pride in mowing the grass, raking up leaves, taking them to the dump, etc. I guess I have a sort of need for instant gratification when it comes to lawn care, leaf removal in particular.

One of the main reasons we started this website and grew our network of lawn care professionals was to put all of the best companies within a phone call away for not only ourselves, but everyone in Chicago. We were SURE that there were people out there who hated hauling off leaves just as much as we did. We were right.

At GrowingInChicago.com, we’ve expanded our lawn care Chicago services to include leaf removal as well. Our landscape crews rake your yard, do leaf blowing, and leave your lawn spotless. After all is said in done, they remove leaves from your property entirely and take them to the landfill for you. This service is usually performed in conjunction with one of our many other landscaping services we offer, but can be a standalone project as well. In fact, some of our customers are retirees who simply no longer wish to do manual labor in this manner.

Besides just removing the leaves from your yard, our teams can also haul away any sort of lawn debris. Whether it be sticks, grass clippings, etc., our lawn care professionals have the tools and manpower to get a job done quickly and efficiently. When you want the best looking lawn on the block, don’t settle for an amateur. Get our team of professionals on your side and we’ll connect you with the top performing leaf removal services in Chicago, Illinois.

Fill in the quote request form and one of our leave and debris removal specialists will contact you as soon as possible. You’re just one step away from a great looking lawn!

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