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Have a dream of walking barefoot across your yard of thick green grass? Then our team of professionals specializing in lawn fertilization in Chicago can assist you in that dream. Just think about how it will look once your yard is greener, fuller, and soft to the touch. Some people’s best memories come from when they were children – out playing in the yard with their family. They can remember the smell of the air and how the grass felt on their bare feet. If you’ve landed on this page of our website, then you are most likely not a child anymore, but I’m sure you can relate. No one wants to entertain their guests on thin and dull grass. Furthermore, no one really wants to walk around on it.

Fertilization is the key. With proper irrigation and fertilizer, your lawn WILL grow thicker and greener. Using these methods, along with the numerous other services of a Chicago lawn care company, you’re yard will be the center of attention in your neighborhood. It’s pretty simple how it all works. Just think of lawn fertilizer as a ‘food’ for your grass. Think of water as, well, water. With the right amounts of food and water, living organisms grow. Even in areas of your lawn that don’t get enough sunlight, a little fertilizer can help things move along a little quicker.

There are some things that you have to be cautious of with this type of lawn care, though, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, I wouldn’t attempt any sort of grass fertilization on your own. You have to look at the age of the grass, the type, the amount of water it has been getting, the amount of water it needs, and the list goes on. I’ve seen people try to fertilize their lawn by themselves and they ‘burn’ it. There are some chemicals in fertilizer that can actually kill your grass if you don’t know what you’re doing.

At, we’ve solved that problem for you. We have a vast number of lawn care professionals that know exactly what they’re doing. These people are like mad scientists when it comes to fixing people’s under-nourished landscape. I wouldn’t trust just anybody to come out and spread things on your lawn. You had best leave it to the professionals. It gets rid of the hours of research that you’ll spend looking up ratings and reviews on lawn fertilizers and best practices in lawn care.

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