Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scant on space? try container tomatoes

had a story in the Chicago Tribune today about growing tomatoes in containers. That's how I grow all mine. I don't have enough ground-level sunny space for vegetables, so I grow tomatoes in pots on the third- and fourth-floor porches.

It would be easier if I really had full sun, but there's a roof over the porch and railings that cast shadows, so my personal situation is even more complicated than I mentioned in this story. I do a talk called "Vegetables Anywhere" in which I go into it in more detail.

I just checked my tomato seedlings and they're ready to plant. Whoo-hoo! I'll wait till it cools off, though. Did a full day of gardening in the heat yesterday and felt like I would die. In May I'm not ready for 85-degree gardening. I'm not too cool with it in July, either, comes to that.

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Joe said...

This 90 degree weather is nice but I hope that doesn't mean July and August will be even worse!